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How To Use A Stone Patio Sealer

How To Use A Stone Patio Sealer

How To Use A Stone Patio SealerDifferent sources classify stone patio sealers differently. According to one, there are two general types of stone sealants that are available commercially: coatings and impregnators. Coatings stick only on the surface of the stone, while impregnators go deep into the insides of the substrate.

Both types have advantages and disadvantages, but when it comes to choosing which one is better for a home improvement project, criteria such as cost, slip resistance, durability, and reliability are taken into consideration.

In general, impregnators are more costly but they last longer than coatings. However, unlike coatings, impregnators can be harmful to the environment. In addition, coatings only require a simple application or installation, while impregnators may require additional or special instructions.

According to another source, sealants are classified according to their base. Some products are solvent-based, while others are water-based. Also, sealants can be classified according to the substrate’s final look. Some are called wet-look paver sealants, while others are called gloss sealers.

How To Use A Stone Patio Sealer Salt AttackBut whichever type of sealer you choose, you are doing it for one main reason, and that is to protect your patio from damages such as staining, salt attack, efflorescence, acid attack, and other types of damages. Aside from that, sealants can also add a dramatic effect, texture, or feel to your patio.

How can you use a stone patio sealer?

First, choose the right sealant. Professionals advise products that can go deep into the stone to make sure that no moisture and other types of liquid can penetrate. As you know, when these liquid accummulate, they will eventually damage your substrate.

If you live in a place where the temperature can drop to extreme lows, liquid accummulated in the stone will freeze and expand. Eventually, this will lead to cracks and other damaging effects.

Second, prepare your surface and some needed materials. Your surface must be clean and dry. If you’re not sure, turn on an electric fan, direct it to the substrate, and then leave it until it is completely dry. Other materials to prepare are the following: rag, brush, mop, broom, and dust pan.

Third, read the instructions on the sealer’s label, and then start applying it on your patio. You can either use a rag, a brush, or an applicator that goes with the sealant. Make sure that you are sealing it properly.

How To Use A Stone Patio Sealer Sealant YourselfFourth, when all areas are coated or sealed, it’s time to dry the sealant. On the label, there should be an instruction that tells you how much time the drying process takes place. To make sure that the sealant dries up completely, let an electric fan blow over the floor.

Last, apply a second or third coating. You’ll know the job is done when water doesn’t penetrate into your substrate.

Though it may sound or look easy to apply a sealant yourself, you are still strongly suggested to entrust the job to experienced professionals. Because they have been in the industry for a long time, they know which product is the best to use. And sometimes, they have sealants that only they have.

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